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Disclosure of Wrongdoing Form

This Form is designed to assist you providing information to Red River College under Policy P2- Public Interest Disclosure Protection Policy. All disclosures must be in writing. Making the Disclosure by completing this Form accurately and in full will help the College assess, review and/or investigate the alleged wrongdoing in accordance with our Policy and the law.

If you are unable to include all the details about the alleged wrongdoing on this form, you may submit further details as a separate document. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact

The College’s General Counsel

The Designated Officer, Vice President Finance and Administration

Thank you for your submission. It has been received by the appropriate parties. If you provided a contact method, you will receive a reply within 10 working days.

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Type of Wrongdoing

The wrongdoing I wish to disclose relates to: (please check all that apply*)

Disclosure Details

In the space below, please provide information about the wrongdoing and the person(s) alleged to have committed the wrongdoing. The following details are required, if known:
  • a description of the wrongdoing;
  • the names of those responsible;
  • when the wrongdoing occurred; and
  • has this matter has already been reported and, if so, what was the response


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