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Campus Well-Being provides programs, services and resources to support the holistic health of students, staff and faculty. Our services include fitness centre access, orientations, fitness classes, drop-in sport, intramurals, recreation activities, wellness initiatives, mental health education and training, sport equipment loans, rentals and more.

Get in Touch

EDC Fitness Centre
Customer Service Desk: (204)-949-8499
160 Princess Street
Wpg, MB R3B 1K9

NDC Fitness Centre
Customer Service Desk: (204)-632-2399
GM-03 North Gym
2055 Notre Dame Avenue
Wpg, MB R3H 0J9

Thank you for filling out our Campus Well-Being waiver agreement form. Please check your email for confirmation of submission.

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Member Expectations

The use of RRC Polytech’s fitness and recreation programs, activities or facilities, is a privilege, which comes with responsibilities.

  1. Memberships are non-transferable.
  2. Card sharing is not permitted.
  3. All members must present a valid membership card each time they wish to access the facility.
  4. All members are asked to use mature judgment in choosing clothing and language.
  5. All members are asked to respect RRC Polytech’s values of diversity, equity and inclusion.
  6. All members have reviewed, understand and will follow RRC Polytech’s policies, rules and etiquette for their program or facility use.
  7. All members are responsible for their behaviour and are expected to adhere to all policies, rules and etiquette for the program or facility they are involved with.
  8. Members are held individually responsible for the decisions they make regarding their behaviour. Failure to follow RRC Polytech policies may result in disciplinary action.
  9. All members have reviewed hours of operations and periods of closure. Members need to be aware that periods of closure can happen with very little notice. Please review staff and student news regularly and be aware of facility signage.
  10. All members have the right to participate in RRC Polytech’s fitness and recreation programs, activities or facilities, without fear of harm from others.

Campus Well-Being Fitness and Recreation Services – Informed Consent


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